Future of zero-waste shopping

What problem are we solving?

Plastic pollution is destroying our planet!

Plastic trash: An average of 178 kg of plastic trash is generated by each EU citizen annually. The majority of that trash is not recycled, but rather ends up in the oceans and pollutes nature.

Unfriendly shopping experience: Currently, zero-waste shopping experience is time-consuming and impractical. When shopping with their own containers the customers have to weigh each container before and after filling it with the produce and need the staff’s assistance in the process.

A comprehensive system for zero-waste shopping

The solution: Smart tray for zero waste shopping!

How does ZeroTrays work?

01 The smart tray is placed on top of the existing scale.

02 A customer can place a container with an RFID label on a scale with ZeroTrays smart tray.

03 The tray detects the container and reads its weight from the RFID label.

04 The tare scale of the tray is set to match the weight of an empty container.

What is the value of the system for the customers?

01 Customers don't need any additional help from staff.

02 Zero-waste shopping is simplified and more attractive for new customers.

03 ZeroTrays helps with the reduction of packaging costs and additional packaging taxes, by making the transition to zero-waste shopping more friendly for the customers and producers.

Transformation for future retail centers

Modern zero-waste shopping experience

ZeroTrays aims to modernize the process of zero-waste shopping by making the process faster, more efficient and user friendly. Because of the difficulties that zero-ways shoppers currently experience, new shoppers might be discouraged from trying to adopt the practice. However, our smart tray can improve the zero-waste shopping experience by eliminating the need for weighing the container multiple times. ZeroTrays reads the RFID tag on the container and automatically sets the tare weight on the scale, making the process more efficient and accurate. By simplifying the process of zero-waste shopping, ZeroTrays can help more people adopt this eco-friendly practice and reduce waste in our communities.

More information about ZeroTrays


The process is at this time quite difficult and lengthy. Although some retailers may be more aware, this practice still poses several challenges. One main issue is that the buyer must weigh each container, fill it with the desired amount of food, tare the scale to account for the weight of the container, and then weigh the contents of the container again. This process can be time-consuming for the customer and can even put a heavy burden on retailers, who need to assist each customer individually with their containers.

ZeroTrays is a smart tray that can be easily installed on any scale and connected to it electronically. When a customer places a food container on the tray, ZeroTrays reads its RFID tag (if present) and automatically identifies it. Using the information stored in its database, ZeroTrays sets the tare weight on the scale, so only the weight of the container’s contents is measured and the weight of the container itself is automatically subtracted. This eliminates the need for double weighing and manual taring, making the process more efficient.

Of course! ZeroTrays can be used to optimize the production processes in the manufacturing industry, logistics or anything that deals with weighing the ingredients, produce or material. We are open to a wide variety of collaborations, so write to us by e-mail or fill out the form below.